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Divas of Damascus Road

Divas of Damascus Road - Michelle Stimpson When Dianne learns about her beloved Aunt Gloria’s upcoming nuptials, she must make a difficult decision. Dianne has lived away from Dentonville for over twenty years avoiding the woman who has brought her the most pain in her life, her mother. Besides staying away from Dentonville, Dianne has covered up her pain by seeking love in too many of the wrong arms.

While Dianne avoids her past, her two cousins, Yolanda and Regina have their own issues. Regina has the “perfect life” which includes a wonderful husband, a brand new baby and a thriving career. Unfortunately, Regina secretly continues to struggle with an eating disorder. With the “baby fat” not going anywhere, Regina kicks into overdrive with her weight obsession.

Yolanda, the overachiever, works in a career designed specifically for her passion for perfection. The pharmacist has one area of her life that she can’t get a handle on – her insecurities about men. When Kelan, a fellow bible study group member starts showing more than a friendly interest, Yolanda must face her fears or lose her chance at real love.

Dianne’s mother, Joyce Ann, is at the center of all the family issues or so it seems. Known as the black sheep, Joyce Ann has been really good at causing trouble and chaos for her sister Gloria all their lives. Now that Gloria is finally remarrying, Joyce Ann can’t tolerate the idea of letting go of her dependence on her older sister. With a new husband, Gloria will find her secrets she once kept so well hidden, no longer want to remain in the dark.

This was a really deep novel. Each woman had issues or secrets embedded so deep down, none of them realized on the surface how these issues affected their daily lives as well as each other. Readers are bound to be able to relate to one of these characters as the author touches on several detrimental issues like mental illness, eating disorders, drug abuse and grief. The mentality where a woman has to be strong, independent and not need a man can wind up leaving some mind-numbing effects especially when the woman forgets the importance of God’s role in her life.

Despite the deep issues, the author provides humor and blunt, but much needed wisdom through the character Aunt Zoe. This family matriarch didn’t play and her prayers were influential across the entire family as walls were broken and lives were healed.

Divas of Damascus Road is worthy reading material to pass on to friends, especially those in need of encouragement due to lost or broken relationships. Readers will walk away with the reminder that a life transformation is indeed possible despite the dimmest of circumstances.