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The Dead Whisper on

The Dead Whisper on - T.L. Hines Canada MacHugh’s life is interrupted on a garbage collection day. Moving along her route, minding her own business, Canada hears her father’s voice out of the shadows . The only problem. Her dad has been dead for eleven years. Not sure whether she’s losing her mind or really hearing her father’s voice, Canada reflects on her life after her father’s death. Is she really where she wants to be? What if the voice is her father? When she starts believing the voice really is her father, Canada trades her dull life for new adventures.

Canada soon finds herself on new missions that often lead her down scary and confusing paths. The people she encounter are intense and a little on the loony side as well. After one mission in particular, Canada starts to question her sanity. Is the voice really her father? If not, who’s guiding Canada. Soon Canada will find herself enlisting others to fight an evil force that has invaded life and her Montana home.

T.L .Hines debut novel, Waking Lazarus, was one of my favorite books from 2006. Both of his novels center around death, but Hines approached each plot with a totally different angle. I really liked the heroine Canada MacHugh. You don’t find many protagonist like her in Christian fiction. It was refreshing to see a woman in a leadership role. Canada could be vulnerable, longing to hear her father’s voice and on the other hand she was willing to fight in a "man’s world" to save others.

The spiritual elements of this novel centers on the presence of evil and how it invades our lives. The story is tight and fast paced. I am still not sure whether I like this book better than the first book. They both are really good reads. Hines is definitely an author to continue to watch for future thrillers that take Christian fiction to another level.