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The Watchers

The Watchers - Mark Andrew Olsen thewatchers The Watchers
by Mark Andrew Olsen

Abby Sherman wakes up to an assassin in her bedroom. While Abby’s long time housekeeper and friend loses her life, Abby’s life hangs in balance as doctors scurry to find out how to cure Abby from whatever chemicals were injected into her body. After she decides to share an incredible dream on her MyCorner page, Abby becomes an instant Web celebrity from her hospital room. Abby’s rise to fame captures the attention of a popular talk show host. An unknown powerful group is not pleased with Abby sharing her dream to the whole world and want to shut the young woman up permanently.

Dylan Hatfield is the best assassin in the world and for the first time in his career, he’s questioning his employees. Why was he hired to kill young woman? All she did was share her crazy dream? Used to killing dictators and terrorists, a woman with a vivid dream of heaven hardly seems worth Dylan’s time. But the price is high and Dylan is ready to retire. When Dylan comes face-to-face with Abby, retirement goes out the window as he encounter the biggest transformation of his life. The two will cross the continent of Africa and eventually enter Jerusalem, all in pursuit of finding out more about the Watchers.

This story can only be described as enthralling. I wasn’t sure what to expect because at first glance it seemed like another terrorist book. Believe me, there is terrorism in this book, but on a higher level, a level the naked eye never sees, but definitely experiences.

There are quite a few books that tackle spiritual warfare but this storyline is definitely original. Blending current events with ancient Ethiopian and Jewish culture, this novel will takes readers on an extraordinary adventure. I think what I really like about this novel is it’s appeal to both men and women. There’s lots of action, but several tender moments providing a really great read and story.

The Watchers is the first book in a series, so there are more adventures for Abby and Dylan. Check out this book first and be on the lookout this spring for the next book, The Warriors, from Bethany House.