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Coral Moon - Brandilyn Collins Coral Moon is the second book in the Kanner Lake series. Months after the murder of Edna San, the normally quiet town is still reeling from the media circus that descended upon them as a result of the high profile murder. With a major lead on a breaking news story, the town’s ambitious reporter Leslie Brymes has benefited from the publicity more than anyone else. Unfortunately, Leslie’s boosted career move may have made her a target.

Leaving for work one morning, Leslie finds the body of a beloved Kanner Lake citizen in her car. As Chief Edwards, his officers and forensics work to find out whose behind the murder, the race to find a killer becomes more urgent — because it soon becomes apparent Kanner Lake has a serial killer in their midst. At the center, Leslie seems to be the main attraction.

I’m never disappointed with a Brandilyn Collins’ novel. Using short chapters and tight writing, the plot thickens and twists in all the right places. Coral Moon supports the author’s trademark "Seatbelt Suspense" head on and at times will send a chill down the reader’s back. Some parts of this novel can definitely be described as creepy. The faith message is not overt, but you also can’t miss the spiritual warfare element either.

Brandilyn tackled spiritual warfare in her Hidden Series books concentrating on the power of prayer. With the Kanner Lake series, she explores how clueless humans can open the door for demonic activity, not realizing the destruction that follows.

For readers who read book one, several of the characters are familiar from the Java Joint coffee shop. If the reader is picking up the second book first, it can be easily read as a stand alone. Look out for my review on Crimson Eve, book three in this series.