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Night Light

Night Light - Terri Blackstock Terri Blackstock continues to shine and meet her fans expectations with Night Light, the second book in the Restoration Series. Life as the reader knows it today, has drastically changed for the Branning family. The world was unexpectedly thrust into a life without electricity, cell phone service, cars, and every technological luxury offered during the 21st century. Now months later after a grueling life of hard labor, this family continues to grow as a unit after almost losing the oldest daughter, Desi. Each family member has learned responsibilities far beyond their imagination. Not only must they work to keep an adequate food supply, but the family must protect their home in order to survive the chaotic environment.

When the Branning's home is invaded, they track the young thieves back to a poor neighborhood where four children under the age of ten have been living alone. With six mouths to feed already, the Branning family take in the children, whose mother, a known drug addict, is missing. The oldest boy, Aaron, proves to be more trouble than they realize as he fights the Branning's every step of the way.

The Branning family have no choice but to continue to guard the children's lives when their mother's body has been found. As the search progresses to find a murderer, unscrupulous people come forward to claim the children, especially since they are valuable commodities. The more people in a household, the more money is provided per household.

There are a host of characters in this novel besides the Branning family. Readers get to peek into the mind of the parents, a twenty-something woman and a nine-year old. Through these various points of view, the author does a great job drawing the reader into the struggles and fears these characters are currently facing. At times the pacing can be a bit slow, but there is quite a bit of action weaved into the book. There are definitely lessons to be learned about gratitude, sacrifice and God's grace.

Conflicts from the first book, Last Light, do arise again in the second book. The ongoing saga with Desi Branning's love life remain, along with the aftershocks of the last "murderer" in town. Reading the first book would probably help for background information, but Terri does spend time reviewing the past events that caused the major shutdown to civilization.

The third and last book in the Restoration Series, True Light, was released in July 2007. I'm looking forward to reading the final saga of the Branning family.