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Like Sheep Gone Astray

Like Sheep Gone Astray - Leslie J. Sherrod Rev. Anthony Murdock’s story can be compared to Job, except in Anthony’s case, his sins have definitely come back to haunt him and he knows it. Driven by greed and ambition, Anthony accepted some unscrupulous offers all for the mighty dollar. Now that Anthony has turned his life around, working as an associate minister at a local country church, his conscience is driving him to redeem his past transgressions. With a wife determined to live the good life, Anthony’s decision to come clean could pose a problem. Not just for his marriage, but for several individuals.

Anthony’s wife, Terri is not pleased with her husband’s seemingly step down from the successes offered in the business world. She smiles and plays the part, but absolutely detests the church life. What she desires most is a life of luxury. When Anthony’s behavior becomes increasingly bizarre, Terri makes some self-centered decisions that not only place her marriage in jeopardy, but her life in danger.

Determined to redeem himself, Anthony sets off to find the one responsible for pushing his life out of control. His search will lead him to an unlikely area in his own past, a past filled with greed and deception prior to his birth.

If a reader tends to not to like keeping up with a lot of characters, just be prepared. There are quite a few characters in this novel and the author does a great job developing each character to stand on their own. With so many characters it would have been really easy to get folks mixed up, but most of them have pretty unique personalities. A few of the woman, in particular Terri, her best friend, Cherise and another woman named Nikki, really grated my nerves. I really, really wanted to see these women grow past their shallowness which came off painful at times to read.

Another painful area was Anthony and Terri’s marriage. Leslie absolutely nailed what happens when communication breaks down in a marriage. As a reader, I was wanted to throttle both of them at times for simply not talking to each other. I’m pointing out some of these storytelling aspects because they were authentic and kept me glued to the book. This is definitely a character driven book.

I must say another debut novelist from Walk Worthy Press has gained a fan. Leslie Sherrod has written a suspenseful novel with enough twists and turns to make a “sista” scream - in a good way though. Leslie will leave her readers scratching their head or biting their nails, wondering who is Anthony’s real enemy. By the end of this novel, I guarantee you will be surprised how well Leslie developed this “villain” right under the reader’s nose.