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Finder's Fee

Finder's Fee - Alton Gansky A Martha Stewart type, Judith Find is a successful business woman at the top of the interior decorating market. Life as she knows it changes drastically when a special package is delivered to her office. Inside the package is a cell phone with a cryptic message for her. Someone knows something about Judith that could destroy her reputation and everything she has built over the years. She has no choice but to follow the instructions, not knowing who sent the package.

Soon Judith is on a strange mission along side a stranger, Luke Becker. Like Judith, Luke is being blackmailed based on a deep dark secret from his past. Together, they must learn to trust each other as their normal lives spiral out of control all in order to save a very special boy. As they struggle to uncover truths behind the boy’s existence, Judith and Luke must find out how far they would go to protect something far more extraordinary than either could have imagined.

As a fan of the Madison Glenn series, I looked forward to Alton Gansky’s Finder’s Fee. One phone call in the first chapter sets the reader on tightly woven path involving two very different lives intersecting for a common purpose. People will do just about anything to keep the skeletons in their closet hidden.

I really enjoyed how far the author stretched his imagination, spinning a believable plot which involves genetics and technology. The novel is suspense, but has a "science fiction" feel to it. The strongest theme throughout the novel centers around how far can science go before it’s too far. Within that theme, faith is interwoven as these two characters are pushed to the brink emotionally and physically. Very cool reading experience.