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No Legal Grounds

No Legal Grounds - James Scott Bell When attorney Sam Trask receives an email out of the blue from someone he knew briefly in college, he has know idea how this blast from the past will affect his present day life. In no mood for a reunion, Sam chooses to ignore the message from Nicky Oberlin and concentrate on more important matters.

Currently, Sam must represent his client in one of the biggest cases his small law firm has ever agreed to tackle. The case pits Sam's against a high-powered lawyer representing a giant insurance company. If Sam loses the case, it could create a bad dent in his career and further destroy his young client's already damaged life.

To add to Sam's stresses, life on the home front has grown more difficult. After giving up old habits and turning his life over to God, Sam struggles with the changes in his life, especially the relationship with his daughter. Years of choosing career over family, has taken its toll as the father and daughter relationship continuous to spiral downward.

Against his better judgement, Sam finally agrees to meet with Nicky after the man doggedly pursues him for a face to face meeting. This meeting results in a series of events that may take Sam and his new found faith to a place he doesn't want to go.

This was the first book I've read by James Scott Bell and it definitely won't be the last. The suspense started from the opening sentence and doesn't let the reader up until the very end. At times the plot seemed a little out there, but Bell made it work with well-developed characters and several calculated twists in the story. The powerful spiritual message that lingers throughout the story should provoke the reader to ponder how much he or she truly trusts God, especially when the temptation to take matters into one's own hands seems to be the only solution. No Legal Ground is a well written, thought provoking thriller!

I'm looking forward to checking out James Scott Bell newest release, Try Dying. This novel will be released October 2007.